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Sablier was created to re-think the coffee making process as an experience.
The “Sablier experience” is all about enjoying your favorite coffee on the go, anywhere, anytime.  The pour over brewing process is simple and easy to use with our portable travel coffee stick packs. The compact design is great for business traveling, camping/day hikes, and for anyone on the go.  Along with portability, we also designed Sablier to function as a drink tumbler in the hopes users will enjoy Sablier as their everyday coffee tumbler. In doing so, we will save a ton of trees from all of the wasted paper cup usage, as we like to say, “Goodbye to Paper Cups”.

We believe design is about solving problems, at the heart of Sablier ceo,Young Kim’s vision was solving the growing crisis of wasted paper cup use.  By design, Sablier’s built in drip coffee making function addresses the benefits of tumbler usage for coffee consumption.  Our “Goodbye Paper Cups” slogan is our message to help preserve and protect our planet Earth.